VIP Services

VIP Services

Let us be your cyber bodyguard.

Here at Fidus, we understand that every aspect of a VIP’s life will at some point come under the microscope and everybody has the right to privacy. VIP’s are prime targets for malicious person(s) as selling their private information is a lucrative business.

In light of recent events, we have unfortunately seen multiple VIP’s lives publicised for the wrong reasons with the exposure of; private photos, e-mails and voicemail recordings.

Let Fidus help you secure your private life before it all falls into the wrong hands.


We work with you to discover and monitor your online footprint to see the current level of exposure and help you to pinpoint and secure access to historic account(s) you may hold.

Active Monitoring

We provide active monitoring on your e-mail addresses by monitoring database breaches, and other leaks, containing your information and provide you the information to act accordingly.

Secure Device Building

We evaluate current, and help build new, devices to ensure they comply with security best practices to help keep your assets safe and secure.

Boutique Security Assessments

Our experienced team of testers will handle your unique testing requirements on bespoke products, such as a private yacht or a safe room.

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