Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Here are Fidus, we approach every client’s business as if it were our own and offer a unique and personal approach to penetration testing. We believe a consulting firm should be more than just an advisor. We put ourselves in your shoes, align our incentives with your objectives and work extremely closely with you to ensure you are maintaining a strong security posture. We believe this builds deep and enjoyable relationships.

Our highly skilled and experienced penetration testing specialists approach every piece of work with due care and attention, ensuring your needs are always put first, and more importantly met. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to advise on the correct approach to take for all tasks, regardless of size.

Red Teaming

We evaluate your entire business in the way an advisory would and gain access using the same techniques. A mixture of research, leveraged weaknesses and stealth allow us to aim for ‘unrealistic’ goals set by you.

Infrastructure Security

Our experienced team of testers use their expertise to assess both internal and external corporate infrastructure, highlighting any potential issues and working with you towards remediation.

Application Security

We evaluate both internal and external applications to ensure a strong security posture has been established.

IT Health Check (ITHC)

Our CREST and TIGER certified consultants will work with you to meet all of the compliance requirements of PSN Code of Conncetion (CoCo) to ensure you have a PSN compliant IT Health Check.

PCI DSS Testing

We perform scanning on your behalf to ensure you remain PCI DSS compliant and work with you to remediate any troublesome findings.

Physical Security

We leverage our experience in conducting Physical Security assessments in order to gain access to your offices and achieve a set of predefined goals.

PSN Assessments

Our experienced team performs PSN assessments on your behalf to ensure a strong security posture has been established.

Industrial Systems

We use our extensive knowledge to help you establish a strong sense of security surrounding your SCADA and ICS systems.

Stolen Device Assessments

Have you ever considered the affect if a company device was stolen? We perform an assessment to better inform you of the risk to your business if a device is lost or stolen.

Device Build Reviews

We assess the quality of your device builds against security best practices.

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